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studentdesk.in doesn't sell or deliver any of the books listed on our site. Instead, we have list of information about books that can be purchased or exchanged with other users in your city. studentdesk.in is like an intermediary between two parties, where we provide information about books posted by thousands of users, but we're not responsible for the user's issue on either exchanging or selling of any reading material. Users listed on studentdesk.in are from various cities as its your repsonsibilites to interct with other users to approach them and exchange book with them. We are collecting contact information from you so that other user can approach you for your books, we are not sharing your contact information with any third party and we are not responsible for any missuse of your contact information by other users. We are not responsible for any copyright issues on any reading material posted by users. If users are uploading photocopy of copyrighted of reading material, they are responsible for legal issues as per the law of indian government.