How to choose a right career path?

Choosing a right career is the most important phase in a person’s life. This choice should be such that at no point in future should the person regret about the career choice he made as its the only path you stick till you retire off.

It is not just about earning bucks for your needs and leisure rather its very much important that you love your profession. This profession should be the proud tag for you throughout your life. As even after your retirement you would be carrying the same designation with the prefix ‘retired’.

Choose something that you are good at and will be proud to be known for.

So following are some simple and wise steps helping you to choose your path appropriately:

1. Follow your interest

This is the first question to yourself as What you love to do? in general not for the sake of profession! The answer may range from very obvious to totally extraordinary, but at the day end it will be something that you would be loving to continue for your lifetime.

  • Your answer may be Music, you can get into various courses as Audio Engineering, Diploma in Music, etc
  • Your answer may be Travelling, you can the get into courses like Aviation, Diploma in travel and tourism
  • Your answer may also lie in the beauty and beautifying people, you may choose to be a beautician, can get into the diploma course for beauty culture and hair dressing
  • Your answer may lie in serving the needy and helping your society, you may choose the Social Work Sector.
  • Your answer may be in complete repairing stuff and logical attitude is what you bear, than you are a perfect Engineer or
  • Your answer is to serve humans and animals by curing them, you can choose to be in the medical field.

After having selected where your heart lies, make a list of the courses that are available to you based on your interest.


2. Filtering Courses

  • If you choose to get into the social work sector, Bachelors or Masters in Social Work is your course.
  • If you choose to be in the media, Bachelors or Master in Journalism, Bachelors or Masters in Communication Skills is the right option.
  • If you choose to get into the home decoration, Interior Designing is for you.
  • If you choose to get into the business and corporate world, Management studies is what you must select. And likewise for other Categories.

Now as you have selected your interest and have filtered out the appropriate courses, the question arises of whether or not you possess the ability for the same.

3. Test your Abilities

  • You may genuinely have a good heart and wish to serve people by curing their illness but its necessary to have the ability of understanding different medicines and their use.
  • Being a journalist, Getting into media may be your passion but do you possess good communication and presentation skills?
  • You may love to do the repair works but can you really understand the technicality of each and every part of an instrument?

If yes-that’s the skill you definitely possess then you can be sure of choosing the selected course as your career. After finally coming to the conclusion of a particular course, its also important to know the cost you are going to incur.

4. Incurred Cost for the course

Go through the fees structure and other expenses that you will have to bear for the particular course. Whoever will be sponsoring your education, is the person really capable of affording it? If at all the person cannot afford the course, you still have various options like scholarships. Also the option of education loan at a very low interest which you yourself can repay once you get a job.

Make your passion, your profession then you will never ever regret choosing it because what you will be doing would be what you love to do!



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